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Local C/BR Information

Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa Member Directory!

This directory is on a secure web page, available only to current members of American Mensa. You will be required to log in. Links there will provide access to lists organized by last name, interests, and Zip codes. (If you want to be included, see “Update Your PDQ” below.) This same secure page is also used for occasional event directions, when the event is held in a private home and the host prefers not to have directions posted on a public website.

Members Handbook – 2012

This is Version 2, and will be continue to be revised as needed. Send any comments, complaints, or suggestions to  Changes in this version: new bylaws, updated summary of Officer selection, updated information on IdioM delivery.

Email Event Reminders

Reminders are now provided through Constant Contact, an email distribution service. If you have provided (and released!) your email in your national profile, you should already be getting the weekly event announcements. The link will take you to a signup page, or you can email and we’ll get you on the list!!


Our group is moderated, requests need to be approved.

C/BR Mensa on YouTube

The channel was started by our Local Group Historian, Joe Barrett.  He started us off with some videos from previous holday parties – thanks, Joe!

@CBRMensa on Twitter

Another place to get event reminders. If you’re a local member on Twitter and we aren’t already following you, let us know!

IdioM Archives

Browse old issues of the IdioM, going back to 2008. The same page will allow you to search for newsletters from other chapters, just change the selection in the “Filter by” dropdown boxes.

General Member Utilities

These links all go to the American Mensa national website.  Unless otherwise noted, you WILL be required to log in.

Forgot Your Password?

Login IS NOT required.  An online form to reset forgotten passwords. Depending on your security settings, you may be able to finish the process there. Or, you can email Prefer to phone? Call 817/607-0060 ext. 5005, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday.

Update Your Profile

Login IS Required. Change your password without going through the reset process, and set up security questions to prove your identity in case you forget the new one. Also where you indicate newsletter delivery preferences (paper or digital), and update contact information such as your email or address.

Renew Your Membership

Login IS Required. Select from one year or multi-year plans, up to and including Life Membership.

Update Your PDQ

PDQ is Personal Data Questionaire. This is where you (optionally) list your profession, interests, and family status. With release, this information can be included in the local directory, allowing those with similar interests to contact you.

Privacy Releases

This is where you authorize or deny release of your phone number, birth date, address (both email and postal), and your PDQ information.   There is a setting related to offers from outside vendors, and another covering internal Mensa election material.

eNewsletter Subcriptions

Available newsletters include:

  • AML Today – The National Office’s newsletter to Local Groups.
  • Bright – monthly eNewsletter for kids ages 6-10!
  • Events Register – a quarterly events enewsletter about all of our national and regional events.
  • Foundation Impact – quarterly update on the Mensa Education & Research Foundation.
  • Weekly Brainwave – interesting Mensa-relevant news in a convenient, concise format.

2 thoughts on “Links For Members

  1. Michael Gorman

    How does one get a login? If it came as part of the onboarding/renewal info, I missed it.

    1. wp-test Post author


      It wouldn’t have been in your packet from national. In your case, having this comment approved should allow you to post additional comments, using the same name and email you used for this one.

      All others, you can contact to arrange a login, or just post a comment as Michael has done. Approval may be limited to current or former members, policy is still being developed.

      John Barnes, Webmaster


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