How can I join Mensa?

Three steps:

  • Take a test. This may be a test you have already taken, or a test you need to take for some other reason. This is called “Prior Evidence”, and you can check our page on How To Qualify for more information. Or, you can take the Mensa Admission Test with a local volunteer Proctor. If you are in the Charlotte/Blue Ridge area (your zip code starts with 280, 281, 282, 286 or 297, plus zip codes 27013, 27020, and 27054), you can sign up on our local Test Registration page. (If you are not in our area, please visit the national Find A Local Contact page.)
  • Have the test evaluated. With Prior Evidence, you submit your scores from that test. If you test with a volunteer Proctor, that test will be graded and that score used. The current standard fees for Prior Evidence evaluation and testing with a volunteer Proctor are the same: $60. If you score at or above the 98th percentile, they send you an offer of membership. There are no other qualifications for eligibility.
  • Pay the dues. Current annual dues are $79, with discounts for multiple members in the same family or multi-year memberships. You can do that online at (You will need to have an account and log in.)