Events in 2013

January: A Visit to the Mint

MintFrogThe first event of the year was the usual first-Friday casual dinner meeting. The first event from which we have pictures was on the following Sunday, when we visited the Mint Museum. More than once, we noticed that the lighting was as much a part of the exhibit as the piece on display.



But occasionally, we could look out a gallery window and see that one of us had become part of the view. It was reciprocal, though – this was taken from a window next to another large scale artwork.

March: Just for the Fun and Games

NewEventA bit later in the year, we tried a new location for an old event – Games Night, now at Your Local Game Store in Matthews. The owners deliberately keep it family friendly, and even allow you to bring in your own games for your group. This was the start of repeating sessions of Rummikub. Repeating, but not exclusive – we also have diversions into Scrabble, Palabra, Uno, Trivial Pursuit, and others.

If you enjoy fantasy role playing games, the game shop always has some running so feel free to join one of their groups! We would like to meet you, though, so stop at our table long enough to say hello.

June: The Youth Coordinator Speaks


For the Main Monthly Meeting in June, our GYC (Gifted Youth Coordinator) Matt Tiller shared some of his plans for the coming year.

He had an attentive audience, including current and incoming ExComm members trying to keep up to date on where he needed their support.


His goals included getting a supervised Facebook group set up for the gifted youth in the area, getting more publicity among the general population, and letting people know that our youth events are normally open to the public.

July: The Summer Cookout


Summer just isn’t complete without a picnic or three. And once again, the Gourmet Sig stepped up to provide the cook. The host providing space decided the heat from the grills would be enough, and the cook deserved some shade.



And it was a good thing, too. Grillmaster Bill Fleet kept two grills going until everyone had enough burgers and dogs to satisfy. Which took most of us two trips, he grilled up some mighty tasty treats!


MallowMasterBut we couldn’t let him do it all. Tim Dienes demonstrated an exceptional mastery of the toasted marshmallow. (Your Webmaster usually has at least one burst into flame.) He made several trips keeping those of us less skilled supplied.

December: The Christmas Party

This was one of the few times we have cancelled Lunatic Fringe on the first Friday, replacing it with the annual holday party. LocSec Nancy Campbell made arrangements for an excellent meal catered by Mellorina, at the Levine Senior Center in Matthews.



Dinner wasn’t served until after the carols were sung, so everyone had a chance to build an appetite.

2013Party1One member volunteered to help provide a holiday atmosphere. Pianist Lee Bobbitt enhanced the evening with his playing, allowing some after-dinner dancing.

There was more, but…

These are just the events where someone took pictures. (Mostly your Webmaster – the good ones are probably from someone else.) If you’re a decent photographer, we can definitely use some contributions! Just send your pictures to the Editor and/or Webmaster.

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