Events in 2011

Picnic In The Park, August 13, 2011

On August 13, 2011, Shelter #2 in Freedom Park became our meeting room. And as usual with a Mensa group, there was a lot of eating and talking.

The Pot Luck Lunch gave everyone a good excuse to stay near the shelter, the food just never ran out.


The weather was excelleBillCoolernt while we were there. We arrived after the morning showers, and the late afternoon rain held off until everyone was gone.

The temperatures were only in the 80s, but that’s enough that cold drinks were very much appreciated.

And the Mensan PARENTS took full advantage of the opportunity to compare notes and brag about the younger members of the family.

This is still the early arrivals. Two more families showed up later, including guests with several questions about Mensa and our local group.

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