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2011 ExComm Meeting Minutes, Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa

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December, 2011

As noted in the November minutes, no meeting was scheduled for December.

November, 2011

Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa Executive Committee Minutes for November 12, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by LocSec John Barnes. Location: the Bradley Community Center, 1200 Modena Street, Gastonia, NC 28054.
Attendance: John Barnes, Nancy Campbell, Joe Barrett, Bonnie Haskins
Guests: Dave Birley, Bill Fleet, Region 5 Vice Chairman Bob Cox, and Stephanie Moreland.
The minutes of the September 10 meeting were distributed. Joe moved, Nancy seconded, that they be approved as read, with a notation that the date and location of the meeting had been changed to accommodate the schedule of Bob Cox, the Regional Vice Chairman. Approved unanimously.
Nancy moved, Joe seconded, that Bill Fleet, the IdioM Editor, be appointed to the ExComm. Unanimously approved.
Nancy moved, Joe seconded, that the arrangements proposed by Jefferson Fortner for the Holiday Party be approved as submitted. During the discussion, Dave Birley volunteered to prepare a news release for the event. The motion was unanimously approved.
Joe moved, Nancy seconded, that Dave Birley be appointed to the Executive Committee, with the position of Program Chair. Unanimously approved.
New Business: Nancy moved, Bill seconded, that a letter be sent to a member of CBR Mensa, urging the member to be more diligent in allowing others to express their opinions at gatherings. This motion was unanimously approved. Once the letter was finalized, the members of the ExComm who were present signed the document.
Bill moved, Joe seconded, a motion to appoint Nancy Campbell as the official Ombudsman for CBR Mensa until the next elections. Approved unanimously.
Dave expressed appreciation to Bob Cox for attending this meeting of the ExComm, and the other ExComm members added their thanks.
Bob Cox observed that the CBR Mensa Bylaws have not been updated in some time, and are remarkable brief. (They are reprinted in the Member Handbook on the CBR Mensa official website.) The ExComm agreed that the Bylaws need updating. It was noted that there are both “Minimum Standard Bylaws” and “Model Bylaws” available from AML. The ExComm committed to looking into this in the New Year.
It was decided that the next meeting of the ExComm will take place on Wednesday, January 11, at 7 PM, at the Showmars on South Tryon near Arrowwood.
Joe moved to adjourn, Nancy seconded, adjourned at 9:08 PM
Respectfully submitted, Nancy Campbell, Assistant LocSec

October, 2011

As noted in the September minutes, no meeting was scheduled for October.

September, 2011

Minutes for September 10, 2011.
The meeting was called to order at 6:25 PM
Attendance: Jefferson Fortner, John Barnes, Joe Barrett, Nancy Campbell
The minutes of the August 13 meeting were distributed for approval. Joe moved for approval, Nancy seconded, unanimously approved.
Old Business: Tracey Guice, Idiom Editor, is moving, and we will need a new Editor. Nancy moved, Jefferson seconded, that John Barnes approach Bill Fleet for the position. If Bill Fleet is unavailable or unwilling, then John Barnes will produce a basic issue for October, and the ExComm will revisit the situation at its next meeting. Approved.
There was a lengthy discussion of the American Mensa move towards electronic distribution of publications, and the need for members to opt for delivery method. Jefferson moved, Nancy seconded, that we will publish in a prominent place in the Idiom, words to the effect of “Unless you respond to the contrary, we WILL start sending the Idiom electronically,” with directions about how to make an option. It was noted that the need to comply with Post Office regulations may require some tweaking to this procedure. Motion passed.
Loc Sec John Barnes presented the Committee with a map of members’ zip codes, to facilitate the planning of upcoming functions and meetings. Membership clumps were noted in the southeast Charlotte area, and in the University/Concord corridor. Several members were assigned to check out possible sites, and the matter was tabled until the next meeting of the ExComm.
New Business: Nancy moved, Joe seconded, that John finalize the reservation for our next King’s Mountain Camping trip, same campsite as last time. Motion passed.
The Committee heard a report from Jefferson regarding a location for the CBR Mensa Christmas party. Nancy moved, Joe seconded, that we move to reserve the location, and that Jefferson will present food and beverage options at the next meeting. Motion passed. Nancy moved, Joe seconded, that the Christmas party be held in lieu of Lunatic Fringe, on Friday, December 2, 2011, with alternative dates suggested in case that date is not available. Motion passed.
It was decided that the next meeting of the ExComm will take place on Friday, November 4, 2011 at Towne Tavern in Fort Mill, SC, following Lunatic Fringe. Motion approved.
Jefferson moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 8:20 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Nancy Campbell, Assistant Loc Sec

August, 2011

Minutes for August 13, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 3:15 PM.
Attendance: Tracey Guice. Jefferson Fortner, John Barnes, Joe Barrett, Nancy Campbell.
The minutes of the July 16th meeting were distributed for approval. Nancy Campbell moved for approval as amended, Joe Barrett seconded, unanimously approved.
Under Old Business, It was proposed that the ExComm continue its current plan to rotate the site for the ExComm meetings in order to allow members to attend and view the proceedings, as well as the plan to hold an Open House for New Members before the ExComm meeting. It was decided that the next meeting of the ExComm will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at City Café in Mount Holly, with the Open House to be held at 5:30 PM and the ExComm meeting at 6:30 PM. Unanimously approved.
It was noted that Tracey Guice, Idiom Editor, will be moving in September, and we will need a new Editor for the Idiom. It was noted that Sue Terry has offered to help with the Idiom, as well as Bill Fleet. The Committee moved to thank Tracey for her service as Idiom Editor. Passed unopposed.
Under New Business, the ExComm discussed the Family Picnic held at Freedom Park on August 13th , and agreed that it was a success. It was moved and seconded that we plan another picnic, with a tentative date of November 12th if the park were available, alternate date November 5th. Passed unanimously.
In view of the fact that National Mensa is moving towards electronic delivery of newsletters, the ExComm decided to highlight the “opt in” deadline in the next Idiom. It was decided that we needed to get more information from Bonnie Haskins about the financial impact of electronic delivery of our newsletter.
The ExComm discussed the advisability of targeting our scheduled events around our population density. John Barnes agreed to provide a zip code “snapshot” of our membership for the next ExComm meeting.
Treasurer Joe Barrett asked about future spending from our treasury. Possible projects mentioned were the Christmas party; instituting a local scholarship; and advertising for new members. Tracey Guice moved that we provide a $300 local scholarship in 2012, and Joe Barrett seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.
Nancy Campbell moved to adjourn, Jefferson Fortner seconded, adjourned at 4:25 PM
Respectfully submitted, Nancy Campbell, Assistant Loc Sec

July, 2011

Minutes for July 16, 2011.
The meeting was called to order at 7:52 pm.
Attendance: ExComm members Tracey Guice, Jefferson Fortner, John Barnes, Joe Barrett, Nancy Campbell. Guests Dave Birley, Ruth Barrett, Joan Barnes.
Elections were opened for the 2011-2012 Local Secretary. Joe nominated John, Tracey seconded. Other nominations were called for, none were made. Joe moved we close nominations, Jefferson seconded. John was declared elected unopposed.
Mr. Birley shared some information about an email management system called Constant Contact (CC). At his own expense, he has used CC to promote three recent events, all of which showed improved attendance. Mr. Birley suggests that the group should adopt this as an ongoing practice. Discussion followed of CC cost, capabilities and options. It was confirmed that all recipients can easily opt out of future mailings. We discussed how to avoid members getting multiple contacts from multiple sources.
Jefferson moved that we use CC going forward, and reimburse Mr. Birley for the expenses. Joe seconded, motion carried unopposed. Joe moved that we reevaluate this issue in three months, Tracey seconded, motion carried unopposed.
With a new ExComm taking office, Jefferson suggested we confirm the appointments of other officers.
Tracey moved we reappoint Nancy as Scholarship Chair, Joe seconded.
Tracey moved we reappoint Joe as Treasurer, Nancy seconded.
Nancy moved we reappoint Tracey as Editor, Joe seconded.
Nancy moved we reappoint Jack Howard as Proctor Coordinator, Joe seconded.
Jefferson moved we reappoint Bonnie Haskins as Circulation Chair, Tracey seconded.
All reappointments passed unopposed.
After a brief discussion of other officer positions, Joe nominated Nancy as Assistant LocSec, and Tracey seconded. Nancy accepted nomination and was appointed unopposed.
Discussion moved to plans for the August 13 picnic, and the consensus was to keep it simple. Pot Luck for lunch, with the chapter providing beverages, ice, and appropriate paper supplies. Those attending would also be asked to bring appropriate games to play after we eat. Jefferson moved we adopt those plans, Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed. Approximate times were set as 12:00-1:30 for lunch, 1:30-3:00 for games.
The ExComm meeting schedule for the coming year was discussed. It was generally agreed that we should continue having “Open House” events before the meetings, but not every month. Jefferson moved that we float the meeting locations to different areas. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed. Days and locations were set for the next two meetings – Saturday, August 13 in Freedom Park after the picnic, and a Saturday in September at the City Cafe in Mount Holly. Jefferson said the City Cafe has a relatively quiet area, suitable for a 5:30 Open House and a 6:30 meeting.
Nancy moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 9:40 pm.

June, 2011

Minutes for June 18, 2011.
The meeting was called to order at 7:50 pm.
Attendance: ExComm members Bonnie Haskins, John Barnes, Joe Barrett, Nancy Campbell. Guests Nathaniel Skinner, Joe Weaver, Ruth Barrett, Joan Barnes.
May minutes were previously approved by email.
Discussion opened with a review of some recent changes.
Regarding elections, Nancy Campbell decided late to run for reelection, and was elected as a write-in candidate. Joe Barrett, Tracey Guice, Jefferson Fortner, John Barnes, and Nancy Campbell have been certified by the Election Committee and will become the active ExComm on July 1st. As most recent previous past LocSec, Bonnie Haskins will continue as an Ex Officio member.
Those who were present at the first Lunatic Fringe in Fort Mill agreed that the move appears to have been successful, having maintained recent attendance levels and drawn out some new members.
Discussion branched out to the other recent monthly dinner event, Lurching Toward Oblivion. Nancy asked if the recent drop in attendance may have been partly related to having both events in the same area, and suggested that we try to keep LTO active now that Fringe has been moved south. However, we currently have no one able to make a commitment to be there to host the event.
The Facebook virtual event was well received, with at least half a dozen active participants and some requests for the event to be repeated. Following discussion recognized that Facebook allows these chats to be unscheduled and spontaneous, but the general consensus was that we should also have periodic chats specifically scheduled. For the formally scheduled events, we plan to recruit additional group Administrators to serve as event hosts.
Information was posted to the LocSec list about our apparent link to accounts for other local groups. Feedback was that this has happened before to other chapters, and probably relates to the use of the common Tax ID number provided by national. Suggested solutions have been relayed to Joe.
Returning to old business, Nancy moved that we investigate availability and reserve a shelter for a large summer event in one of the parks, preferably for the weekend of August 13. Joe seconded, motion carried unopposed. Detailed discussion included the preference for a park fairly centrally located in Charlotte, and the option to shift the date into September if nothing is available on August 13. Possible ideas for activities and prizes were discussed, with final decisions to be made closer to the actual event.
Moving to new business, IdioM Editor Tracey Guice had requested by email some input on the possibility of expanding to 16 pages. Joe moved to authorize the expansion to 16 pages at the Editors’ discretion. Nancy seconded, motion carried unopposed. In following discussion, it was also pointed out that the page increase would allow larger and more detailed announcements, and more space for photos.
Nancy mentioned that she would like to start a Gourmet Cooking group, John will provide her with a list of members who have indicated related interests on the Personal Data Questionnaire.
Ruth Barrett relayed to the committee that she and Joe know a doctor willing to address the group on health issues. General discussion showed definite interest among the committee, but also a concern that past speaker events have not been well attended. The group informally asked her to find out if we would be able to invite our members to a separately scheduled presentation.
The July ExComm meeting will again follow an Open House for New/Inactive members. John will host again, on July 16th. July agenda will include the location of following meetings.
Nancy moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 9:20 pm.

May, 2011

Minutes for May 7, 2011.
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.
Attendance: ExComm members Nancy Campbell, Bonnie Haskins, John Barnes, and Joe Barrett, guests Michelle Chase, Martha Covington, Ruth Barrett, and Joan Barnes.
March minutes were previously emailed, and approved as submitted.
The group reviewed election status. Ballots were printed in the May IdioM with four candidates – Joe Barrett, Tracey Guice, Jefferson Fortner, and John Barnes.
Discussion shifted to activities, starting with the Kings Mountain camping trip. Reservations for 2012 have not been made as the park will not reserve a site more than 11 months in advance. Nancy expressed some concerns about the specific primitive site we used this year. She then moved that we reserve the next site down for 2012, and investigate other parks for the following year. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed.
John asked if there was a motion to set a date for a major summer event. Lacking a motion, the topic will be carried forward to June.
The subject shifted to the timing of New/Inactive Member Open House events combined with ExComm meetings. All present agreed the combination should be repeated, and the next such event was set for June 18, 2011. John will host again.
Various web issues were reviewed. Email event reminders are available now using a Google calendar and a mailing list, but members posting to the Facebook group have said they like getting the reminders there. Repeating events appear to be easier to manage on Google, so we will look into combining the two. Personal information about event hosts that was previously posted on the Google calendar has been replaced by a reference to the IdioM.
Attendance at the Lunatic Fringe in Concord has been dropping, and several of those present expressed interest in having the event moved back to the south side. Michelle volunteered to host the first Friday events at the Towne Tavern in Fort Mill, starting in June.
Facebook recently provided a new feature: real time text chat for groups. An experimental virtual event has been scheduled for 9:00 pm on Saturday, June 11.
Under new business, Joe reported that our online banking access appears to have been linked to other chapters. Information will be posted to the LocSec list for relay to other Treasurers.
As noted above, the next ExComm meeting will be on Saturday, June 18, 2011. John will host again, and the meeting will follow a 6:00 pm Open House for New/Inactive members.
Nancy moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 8:15 pm.

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April 2011

The meeting was scheduled for 7:00 pm on April 11, 2010.
Attendance: ExComm members Joe Barrett, Bonnie Haskins, and John Barnes.
Joe being the only member present able to make or second a motion, the meeting was declared cancelled for lack of a quorum.

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March 2011

Called to order at 7:25 pm, March 14, 2011.
Attendance: Joe Barrett, Bo Milligan, Bonnie Haskins, John Barnes.
February minutes were submitted with a correction. Joe moved that we accept as submitted, Bo seconded, motion passed unopposed.
Dave Burley has agreed to serve again on the Election Committee, but no other names are confirmed. Joe moved that we appoint Dave and continue attempts to expand the committee. Bo seconded, motion passed unopposed. (Note: At a later date, Nancy Bobbitt agreed to join the committee.)
Members of the ExComm submitted nominations for Joe Barrett, Tracey Guice, Nancy Campbell, and John Barnes. Bo Milligan declined renomination for personal reasons. (Note: At a later date, Nancy also declined.)
After discussion of activities funding, Bo moved that we reimburse the host their actual expenses (with receipt) up to $5.00 for each member or guest attending an event. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed.
After discussion, we scheduled the first combined New Member Open House and ExComm meeting for Saturday, May 7th, at 6:00 pm. John will host, and will get pizza for the event.
By general agreement, the new process for Email Event Reminders will be announced and made available for members use. Changes will be made as found necessary.
NEXT MEETING: April 11, 2011, 7:00 pm. Location remains the same, at Showmars on Arrowood, at the corner of SOUTH Tryon Street.
Bo moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 8:17 pm.

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February 2011

Called to order at 7:30 pm, February 14, 2011.
January minutes were approved by email prior to the meeting.
Attendance: John Barnes, Joe Barrett, Nancy Campbell, and Bonnie Haskins.
The meeting opened with a call for further discussion of member retention. Members observed that efforts already underway include the new Members Manual, and the rewritten welcome letters. The suggestion was made that the Manual be made more prominent in the welcome letters.
The topic shifted to Member Recognition. Referring to the list in the IdioM, Bonnie and Joe pointed out anniversary errors for specific members. It was suggested the calculations be checked. (Note: An error was found, and corrected lists were sent to the Editor.)
John requested suggestions for election committee members. Nancy suggested we ask any former officer who is still a member, especially LocSecs and Editors. With general agreement, Joe will provide the historical list of officers for reference.
Discussion moved to family friendly activities. John reported that the parents letter discussed last month was sent to 68 families. Reviewing the letter, Nancy observed that the terminology “family friendly” may not clearly convey the committees objective to build a youth program. She recommended we specify “youth activities” in future contacts.
For youth activities, a play party at McDonald’s and a bowling meeting were suggested. Nancy pointed out the need to plan separately for teens and preteens, and asked that the parent contact try to obtain ages. Nancy then moved that we proceed with planning and funding youth activities, based on feedback from interested parents. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed. Funding will be determined individually for each event.
While discussing the possibility of funding some activities, Nancy questioned the cost of the campsite for the Kings Mountain event in April. John said the primitive group site fee was $35.00. Nancy moved that this fee be reimbursed, and that we authorize the disbursal of a similar fee to reserve the site for next year. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed. (Note: A check has been issued for the reimbursement.)
Discussion was reopened on combining ExComm meetings with New Member open house events. Joe moved that we plan for a future ExComm meeting to be held at one of the committee members homes, preceded by an Open House. Nancy seconded, motion passed unopposed.
John reported that we may be able to reinstate event reminders by using a Google Calendar, which could also be used later to feed event lists to the website. However, the Google Calendar needs to be listed as public, which could raise security concerns for members hosting events. Consensus was reached that sensitive contact and directional info should be posted on separate password protected web pages. The calendar entries would include directions to reference those pages.
NEXT MEETING: March 14, 2011, 7:00 pm. Location remains the same, at Showmars on Arrowood, at the corner of SOUTH Tryon Street.
Nancy moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 8:44 pm.

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January 2011

The meeting was originally scheduled for January 10th, but was canceled and rescheduled due to a snowstorm. The rescheduled meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm January 19, 2011.
Attendance: ExComm members Bonnie Haskins, John Barnes, Bo Milligan, Nancy Campbell, and Joe Barrett.
November minutes were previously approved by email.
The meeting started with informal discussion of family-friendly activities. John said that, including adult members with children at home, we know of roughly 60 parents who should be contacted on this issue. A proposal was made for a paper mail letter to those parents, asking for help. Nancy moved that we send such a letter, with the chapter covering postage. Joe seconded, motion passed unopposed.
The committee also recommended that the letter be modified for later publication in the IdioM.
Discussion moved to possible ideas for family-friendly events. In evaluating the possible scale, it was mentioned that PDQ responses showed 77 children at home with adult members. Event suggestions included a major picnic at one of the nature preserves, visiting Discovery Place, Worldfest in June, and Festival In The Park (Freedom Park) in September. Informal consensus was reached to investigate group rates at Discovery Place, and continue discussion at later meetings.
John relayed a request from a representative of Pearson Testing. Pearson is normalizing a revised intelligence test, and Mensa members are encouraged to participate. The representative asked if we could share this information with the membership. No objections were raised, the informal consensus was to place an immediate statement in the IdioM and post links on line.
Discussion moved to the number of new members who choose not to renew, and what steps could be taken to improve our retention rate. Immediate suggestions included an update to our welcome letter, returning to the use of “First Time” buttons, advertising that new members get in free at their first event, and recruiting guides to help orient those attending their first event. Informal consensus was reached that this should be a continuing topic in future agendas.
Website goals were discussed briefly. General agreement was reached that a dual focus on recruitment and keeping current members informed would be appropriate.
Discussion moved to the 2011 elections. It was proposed that the 2011 Election Committee also be asked to actively recruit candidates, as well as accepting nominations. The committee recommended that an advertisement to this effect be placed in the February IdioM.
The next ExComm meeting will remain on the second Monday of the month, scheduled for 7:00 pm on February 14, 2011. Location remains Showmars on Arrowood, at the corner of SOUTH Tryon Street.
Bo moved to adjourn, Joe seconded, adjourned at 8:58 pm.

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