1. No later than the submissions deadline for the March issue of the newsletter each year, the ExComm shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three members which shall, no later than the deadline for the May issue of the newsletter, nominate one or more candidates for each elected seat on the ExComm. The members of the Nominating Committee shall be listed in the March issue of the newsletter. The membership of the local group shall be notified of all valid nominations in the May issue of the newsletter or by mail posted no later than May 1st.

2. No later than the submissions deadline for the April issue of the newsletter, the ExComm shall appoint an Election Committee of three members who shall be responsible for conducting the election, receiving and counting the ballots, and certifying the results. The term of the Election Committee expires on July 31st. The Election Committee shall determine, and cause to be published in the newsletter, any needed ballot and those election rules and regulations not covered by these bylaws. In so doing, the Election Committee shall strive to maintain the anonymity of voters. If a voter does not follow the rules for submitting ballots in such a way as to compromise confidentiality, but the ballot is otherwise acceptable, the ballot shall be accepted and the voter should be deemed to have waived confidentiality.

3. No member of the Nominating Committee or Election Committee may be a voting member of the ExComm or a candidate in the upcoming election. The Nominating and Election Committees may comprise the same members.

4. No later than March 31, any member of Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa may submit a nomination to the Nominating Committee. Members may nominate themselves, and all nominations submitted by members must be seconded by at least one other member. Both the nominee and seconding member must be current members in good standing of Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa.

5. In the event there is a candidate for each elected ExComm position and only one candidate is identified for each elected ExComm position, those candidates shall be declared elected without balloting. Results of such an election shall be published in the May issue of the newsletter.

6. Ballots shall contain the names of all nominated candidates, whether nominated by the Nominating Committee or by the membership. Ballots shall be printed in the May issue of the newsletter, including in the electronic version of the newsletter if such is available, or mailed by post or electronically to all members of the local group, but in any case posted no later than May 1st. Ballots must be returned to the Election Committee chair and received no later than May 31st to be valid. Ballots received after that date shall not be counted. Ballots may be returned by mail, electronically if such option is available, or in person, but all members must be allowed to participate by postal mail at all stages of the election process if they so choose. The Election Committee shall meet in public no later than June 7th to count the ballots. Those four members ranking highest in the count shall be considered elected. Votes that are tied shall be determined by the Election Committee chair by a flip of a coin. The Election Committee chair shall certify the results of the election to the LocSec and shall have the election results published in the next possible issue of the newsletter.

7. Any challenges to the election must be made in writing to the Election Committee chair and received by July 15th. Any such challenges must be ruled on by July 31st. Any actions by the ExComm while a challenge is pending are not affected by the outcome of any such challenge.

8. The outgoing LocSec shall notify AML and the RVC for the local group of the results of the election within two weeks of the election.